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Honors and Awards (Product and Industrial Design)


1st prize at the international design competition “My precious plastics” (3d printed jewelry) by Mything (Austria).


Shortlisted entry to the best 72 out of the 1500 entries at the International Competition of Oakley with "Echo" Project.


Finalist of 88 best projects with "Drop Vase" (Sculpture with 3d printing) at the International Competition "Ghost project" in Belgrade.


Finalist to top 100 best drawings in international competition "Design in transition" with the project "Rotate".


Special recognition for contribution in the field of design for the project “The flat wooden stool” at the Mikser Festival  – Head of jury Konstantin Grcic.


3rd prize at the international competition “Hands off my design” by European Commission (Awarding ceremony at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium).


Shortlisted entry to the best 160 out of the 6209 entries in designboom competition “hands on door handles” project name «Twitter Handle». Designboom jury Jasper Morrison

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