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2019/05 3d printing rings for invitation of wedding and baptism ceremony (drawing idea from the baby's head).

2019/01 3d Printing skull for  preparing surgery at General University Hospital of Larissa (Neurosurgery Department).

2018/06 Drawings for patent plastic products.

2017/09 First prize in an international 3D jewelry printing contest among 300 entries from around the world.

2017/04 Product design an product development of plastic table for Subbuteo football game.

2016/09 Speaker at the International Conference IMANEE 2016. Presentation of a three-dimensional FDM printing method.

2016/05 Participation at the 1st Start Up Weekend in Larissa (live 3D printing).

2016/03 Press interview at LAIF website (presentation of dhaidas products and designs)

2015/11 Participation in the international exhibition Hotelia 2015 (Thessaloniki Helexpo) with innovative facilities for hotel equipment (Praise for the Participation).

2015/10 Speaker at the Seminar af Inovations at the University of Macedonia on the solar bench and the presentation of award-winning projects.

2015/07 Design of the first mobile solar bench in Greece.

2014/10 Voluntary 3D printing action in association with Dutch designer Michiel van der Kley. 3D printed pieces with the aim of creation of the largest 3D printed space egg (

2014/06 Participation in exhibition of designed objects in Belgrade at Mikser Festival 2014 with the item "Drop Vase".

2014/05 Live TV broadcast of presentation of cardboard designs on the LiveU (STAR channel).

2013/06 Participation in exhibition of furniture and lightings in Belgrade at Mikser Festival 2013 with the wooden stool "Rotate".

2013/05 Participation in Designlab furniture exhibition at Technopolis with the item "The Flat Wooden Stool".

2012/06 Participation in exhibition of furniture and lightings in Belgrade at Mikser Festival 2012 with the item "The Flat Wooden Stool".

2012/03 Participation in Handmade Bazaar in Thessaloniki (a fair of handmade structures, jewels and works of art) with metal structures and objects made of  Corian® material.

2011/05 Participation in the Bazaart Fine Art Exhibition with the items made by laser cut metal structures.

2010/12 3D Animation of the TEI of Thessaly logo (Wood and Furniture Design and Technology Department).

2010/11 Promotion of dhaidas design at Maison Decoration magazine.

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