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  • 3d printing

  • Technical drawings (2D, 3D)

  • 3D Animation

  • Photorealistic designs (Render)

  • Cooperation with companies - producers of items (furniture, special constructions)

  • Teaching programs for designers (2D, 3D)

  • Consultancy for design contests

About design...

Being inspired by everything around me, I start the wonderful creative journey...

With industrial design the shape and form of the objects are described with the aim of their usability and functionality. When this is achieved in combination with aesthetics, then we are talking about an exceptional result. Industrial design can improve the quality of life if ergonomic objects are designed to make users happy and satisfied.

The industrial designer is the biggest expert in identifying, researching and finding solutions to designing a product. In cooperation with manufacturers, it is required to provide solutions, taking into account factors such as aesthetics, ergonomics, usability, production methods and technologies of production with modern existing industrial instruments, as well as feasible economical methods of mass production at reasonable cost, material selection and any age target group.


The idea starts with a need.

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